5 Undeniable Reasons Why Muscular Men Attract

Yes, women like muscular men. If this is a question you have to ask, then I strongly suggest you educate yourself a little bit more on what women want. It’s not just the muscles that make the men attractive, of course, that plays a huge factor, but it isn’t just the muscles. It’s what the muscles represent.

If a man has muscles it accounts for a good sign of health, shows that he can make commitments and has good genes. Plus it’s always a bonus when the man likes to take care of the way he looks.

It’s a proven fact that women prefer a muscular man over a man without and there is the real reasoning for this.

1. Feeling Safe

Muscular men provide their women with a sense of security. She knows that when she is with her man that no stranger will approach her.

She knows that if anything was to happen, he could take the situation into his hands. This is a huge factor in the relationship and one of the biggest reasons why she prefers a man with muscle than a skinny man.

2. Feeling Fragile

Making a woman feel vulnerable makes her feel like a gentle soul. This is hands down the fact that women like to feel like they are light and delicate.

Social media and society are always influencing women to be as thin as can be and this gives her a feeling of delicacy.

3. Settling Down

All girls dream about a hunky man and being able to be the only one that can “tame” him – so to speak. Women like to have at least some feeling that they have the power of seduction over their man.

Having been able to keep your man in rather than he going out, something must be working. If you are reading this article and you want to attract men, get this bikini body workouts review – Jen Ferruggia’s workout sample ASAP!

4. A Good Provider

Hands down, a muscular man, looks like a good provider – even if he’s not. Back in the olden days’ people were always classified as the provider and had since had the same reflection but different times as it is well known.

This date in age is entirely different, but women like having a piece of mind knowing their man can provide for her and their future family as far as it is concerned.

5. Show & Tell

I don’t care what women have to say about this one; all women like to show off their man. Even when they say it’s not intentional, it is. She wants to be able to show her man off, his muscles, everything and still can say “he’s mine.”

She wants other women to be jealous and envious of what she has that they don’t. Another reason why most women would prefer a man with muscles over a skinny man.

All of the above are legitimate reasons that are undeniably why muscular men attract women. I am not saying that thin men aren’t attractive, I’m not trying to label, and I’m only trying to explain the truth that most women hide.


The Muscles Girls Love More Than a Tight Abs Body is a Full Body

Tight abs are considered attractive. Many do indeed find this very attractive on men. What muscles do girls love to see more than his tight abs? Usually, with a body-sculpting workout program, full muscular development is emphasized. Abs are just one large group of muscles among many others in the body which help stabilize movement and core strength.

All of this is the basis of balance for the body. If the abs are strong, it is likely the whole body is healthy as well. First, it is useful to consider if and how women are attracted to muscular men and why. Next, the idea is to learn the muscles girls love more than a tight abs body.

Per studies performed at the University of California Los Angles, women are indeed sexually attracted to muscular men more so than they are less muscular men. Naturally, this is not necessarily true for all women and not to be construed as a blanket truth or stereotype. The study was performed based on the concept of how a male peacock displays its feathers to attract females. For human men, there are no feathers to show, but muscles instead.

Muscularity indicates good health and primary sex drive and attraction is based on finding a genetically suitable mate. So, the stronger, healthier men attract more women for sex, but not necessarily for relationships, per the study lead by David Frederick. Ph.D. candidate at The Center for Behavior, Evolution, and Culture based at UCLA1. Considering this basic information, it is then reasonable to figure out which muscles do girls look at first.

What are the muscles girls love more than tight abs look? The real answer is it the whole body and an even balance of strength and muscularity. That is the most appealing as opposed to particularly bloated muscle groups. However, to be specific, all humans tend to look at a potential mate’s butt. A nice, tight set of glutes is considered highly attractive to a woman, and they will see it before superbly rock-hard abs. A saggy but means unfit. Inadequate means unhealthy, and this means unattractive to the ladies.

Strong forearms and powerful arms leading into strong, broad shoulders with full specs and a broad back and then the fine abs is the secret formula. Here is the magical elixir of body-sculpting for men to attract women. Females like to see strong, healthy forearms.

They are instinctually attracted to strength, and the forearms are highly visible. In a manner of speaking, they are somewhat like the peacock feathers mentioned earlier. To complete this, the powerful forearms will be followed by the ladies’ eyes up to the arms, and there should be some reliable, sexy guns built up.

As the gaze of women attracted to a muscular men travel, the gaze moves upward not down, and now they want to see the shoulders and nice, full, powerful pecs. The pectoral muscles are those of the chest, strengthened by various exercises such as bench presses, push-ups, and Martial Arts training. If there are any one muscle group women will be looking at other than the abs, it is going the pectoral muscles (Pecs).

The Pecs must be balanced by a strong back or posture will hunch forward which is certainly unattractive. Build opposing muscle groups like back and chest together for more beautiful balance in the body.

In a way, it is too bad there is no single simple answer to the concept. Focus on a full-body, even, tight muscle. Get fit and drop the fat. This will produce a more attractive body. For men, this means more sex, and for women, it means better sex. Also, it is a good way to find that soul-mate. As a matter of fact, many hot flings and even long-lasting relationships and marriages start in the gym. You can suggest your male partner about bodyweight burn review and see if he can get into it.

In conclusion, it is general muscular strength and fitness which appeal to the girls. True, the bigger the muscles are and the tighter the abs, the more short-term attraction can be gained. With the Study at UCLA, it was also clear that the attractions and relationships based on men’s muscles do not last and rarely achieve long-term success. For the moment, it is great while still in the dating game.