How to Apply for Scholarships without Essays

The common misunderstanding

One of the most common misunderstood fact about scholarships is that you need to excel academically, which means you need to be somewhere along the lines of becoming a valedictorian, in order to be granted a scholarship. Most of the scholarships available require the submission of essays as part of the application process. A lot of people believe that only honor roll students are capable of writing essays that stand out while even more people believe that ordinary students are not able to create a decent essay. Simply put, when it comes to essays as a basis for getting a scholarship approved, honor students have a bigger chance than the ordinary students. Fortunately, this doesn’t apply to no essay required scholarships.

sponsor of scholarships

What do you mean by scholarships without essays?

Scholarships that don’t require essays to be submitted are intended for students who excel in non academic and extracurricular activities like music, theatre arts, sports and so on. These scholarships have brought about different sponsor of scholarships who are looking for students who are able to reflect the goals of the sponsor; for instance, music schools would offer scholarships to students who excel in singing and/or playing the instrument as well as those who are looking to get a career within the music industry.

This means that you don’t need to hire Prescott Papers, or anyone else, to write essays for you.

Where can I find these scholarships?

Believe it or not, these no essay scholarships are not that difficult to find. Non-academic organizations like religious groups, minority groups, fraternities and similar organizations, and even local businesses are typical sponsors of these scholarships. Your parents’ employers can also give you a scholarship, or shoulder the expenses of your education, provided that your parents are doing great work for the company. This can also guarantee you a spot in the company after you graduate from college.

However, the best example would be the David Letterman Scholarship. Yes, David Letterman from the Tonight’s Show with David Letterman. This popular scholarship, which is often cited by the media, focuses on the student’s creativity in research, film, audio and video graphics, regardless of his or her academic skills. The winners of these scholarships aren’t judge on their academic but on how creative they are, even if it means he or she is not able to put his or her creative ideas into words properly. The student who places first is awarded a $10,000 grant while the second runner up gets a $5000 grant an the third runner up gets around $3,333.

There will always be scholarships available to suit you or your children’s educational needs. A little bit of research and extra effort in applying goes a long way in securing you and your children’s educational needs and financial future.