Best home remedies for high blood pressure

The blood pressure is one force at which the blood pumps from heart into arteries. The normal blood pressure must be 120/80 mm Hg. When a blood pressure goes high, blood starts moving through arteries forcefully. Such thing put the pressure on delicate tissues in arteries and damages blood vessels of your body. The hypertension also known as the high blood pressure has affected million numbers of adults over the world. Such condition is even termed as the silent killer as it don’t causes any symptoms but gives significant damage to heart.  As most of the people don’t have any visible symptoms, they are not aware of high blood pressure. There are some of the home remedies for high blood pressure which can be used or followed in order to save yourself as well as your loved ones from such issues. They include the following as,

blood pressure

  • Carrots: it is one of the best remedy as carrot consist of the higher level of the antioxidants beta carotene, the vitamin A and Vitamin C. these antioxidants reduces cancer amount that causes the free radicals in body. It even helps in protecting against the damages to the cellular death and blood vessels. They are also high in electrolyte potassium which are good at keeping fluid within body balanced and normalizes the blood pressure. You can drink around one or three glasses of the carrot juice regularly and make sure you intake the organic one which don’t have added sugar
  • Tomatoes: it also consists of the beta carotene, potassium, Vitamin E and the antioxidants that are good at lowering of blood pressure. It also includes one chemical known as the lycopene which gives the red rich color. It have the antioxidant which effects LDL and prevents building up of the fatty deposit in the arteries. You can have one cup of the fresh tomatoes, blended juice of the same regularly. Avoid using the commercial sauce of tomatoes as they consist of higher level of the sodium
  • Pomegranates: they are dense in nutrients and called as the best home remedies for high blood pressure.It is one fruit which is easily available and have the hard shell with the edible juicy red seed. It helps in preventing the damage to the cells

Try including all above mentioned fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and you will feel improved result from the same.